Debarun showcased his collection BADASTOOR at LFW ( A/W 2013)


23rd Aug, 2013: Join us this season as Debarun’s Festive Collection 2013 takes inspiration from the story which has been told. Delving into a classical theme, he finds solace in stories where we know the start and have lived the end many times over. In this collection Debarun finds inspiration in the oft repeated lore which seems to end…like always or as they say ba-dastoor.


His collection brings forth recognizable elements from the classic past and merges them with the present while harping on origins which seem vaguely familiar at every moment. His inspiration for this season is to sooth through the leaves of a book which has been read many a times but at each time the interpretation seems to be so different.

IMG_0966 (1000 x 1500)

To interpret this inspiration, Debarun has used a colors palette comprising of beige, ivory, red and nude tones. The choice of this palette symbolizes the essence of Ba-Dastoor in terms its classical ethos and ethereal fee. The fabrics are tassar silk, cotton kora, viscouse silk, velvets and matka silk. As for the silhouettes Debarun choose to vary it across classic and neo-classical Indian silhouettes

The collection comprises of sarees, lehengas, layered dresses, churidar suits as these have been and will be reminiscent of any eternal story at every point in time not only today but even after a century.

For the men, Debarun has chosen short jackets teamed with kurtas, band gala’s, long flared coats and sherwani inspired suits to take you back in time and remind you of elements which are eternal.

The collection draws inspiration from motifs which are geometric as well as ornamental. Leveraging on Debarun’s strength at synchronising the structured geometric motifs with the fluency of traditional motifs, the combination highlights the eternal feel of Ba-Dastoor traversing across time from the past and seamlessly merging into the present.

A wide variety of techniques including block prints, over-dying, hand embroidery and applique has been Debarun’s choice for this collection using an aged and matt finish to highlight the influence of the classical while infusing it with the contemporary.


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