Be A Fashionable Teen! (For The Boys As Promised)


To begin with when it comes to fashion, it’s not limited to women!

Guys they gotta be fashionable too 😉 As per my observation there is only a tiny percentage of guys who take fashion seriously else what you get to see is guys with typical rock band printed t-shirts and a pair of similar toned blue jeans. Haha, so if you’re one of those guys who really need to take FASHION in consideration this article might help a tiny bit.

Secondly, I would love to thank Pratik ( friend of mine ) for his co-operation as, I grabbed his pictures for the article! P.s – Total Fashionista! 😀 His pictures might help! 😉

Okay, let’s begin!

  1. Prefer Bright Colours Outside During Daytime.

Bright colours like yellow and white instantly give a feel of freshness! Wearing sober and dark colors casually is utter stupidity. Avoid colors like black, dark blue or brown on a bright sunny day!


2. HOODIES! ^_^

Guys with hoodies is total cuteness! Guys, guys, guys please throw away all those zippers from your wardrobes, get one’s like in the picture below. Zippers are cool for girl, for boys? Complete NO NO.

944620_586115561418944_1660777490_n 3. Suit Up! 😀

When you’re suiting up, DON’T go mainstream with the typical sober coloured blazers with the same trousers! Pair contrasts! Like, bright coloured pants with sober colours on the top!


4. Swaggin’ it up!?

Alright, this one’s for all the guys who love to dress up with swag!

Get a good collection of caps and bright coloured dunks and colourful socks.



5. Being Formal.

As a teen don’t just take the “FORMAL” thing a bit too formally. 😛 Pair up dark skinny jeans with pastel collared shirts WITHOUT a tie, you don’t want to end up looking like a typical official man do you?



6. Tucking in shirts? So mainstream, dude. Try tucking in t-shirts with an eye catchy waist piece ( belt) 😉


Well, hope this helps! 😉


Couture Pixie



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