Urban Chic Collection! Up, Close & Personal – Anita Vaswani. :D


December 9th 2013. One of the best days of my life so far. =)).

Why? 😛

Because I got this amazing opportunity to get along with such amazing people in the fashion industry. Well, I was invited to the urban- chic jewellery collection’s launch by the Jasani Jewellery Lounge.

Since it was my first event I was attending accompanied by my friend, I was super nervous I did not know what to say, what to do, all those mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness. As soon as I reached the venue, I just crossed my fingers and prayed hope everything goes on well. And boom! I pushed the door open 😀  and I get to see a couple of stylish women sitting on the couch, who welcomed us with their adorable smiles!

Among them one was they designer of the Urban Chic Collection.

Anita Vaswani, a pretty woman from New York City who collaborated with the Jasani Jewellery Lounge in India. She’s a very pretty woman by heart, fun-loving and the cutest designer I’ve ever met! The designs she made reflected her personality so much.


The collection’s name itself suggests what it’s all about! The collection is simple as well as ultra fashionable for daily life. As Anita says “ It’s for the girls who are confident about what she wears and who isn’t afraid to show off those gems!”

Every piece of jewellery was finely desgined, every part of the jewellery was taken into consideration.

Favorite Ring From The Collection<3

Favorite Ring From The Collection<3

LOTS OF DIAMONDS! What else does a girl want!? ❤

According to what I saw I noticed The RINGS are huge and very eye catchy. P.s – I crave for cocktail rings! 😉

The Lotus ring. If You Take A Look Carefully, you see lotus petals :D

The turban rings with huge centre pieces of Diamonds were amazing, the evil eye bracelets are my all time favourites! The collection was completely new, something never seen before! Very YOUTH inspired!



The gems were very earthy colored. Shades of blue, black, yellow and purple gave those jewellery pieces a very fresh look, not going mainstream with sapphires and rubies!


The classic collection was very fascinating.

A huge single lined solitaire necklace worth Rs. 70,00,000 was my favourite.  The rings were in white gold with tiny chunks of solitaire and a huge solitaire on the top! Every girl’s dream! A HUGE SOLITAIRE RING ❤ ___ ❤


The bridal collection was not at all mainstream with lots of gold and typical gems like rubies and sapphires!

Anita has used lot of fine cut white diamonds, topaz and amethyst in the bridal collections. It gave it a very fresh and new look!

The rings were beautifully designed with lot of finely cut gems, earthy color one’s!

Ring from the bridal collection :D

Ring from the bridal collection 😀

The collection is worth being a part of your collection, go on grab few ‘em! 😉



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