Gunday – Fashion Update. (Priyanka Chopra) ;)


Ahhh, another procrastinating Sunday afternoon! I kinda love ‘em though, that’s only time in the week I’m completely insouciant to think over a lot of things! 😀
This morning while decking myself for the designing studio I decided to switch on to some music channel. And guess what Priyanka Chopra was all over! She being my personal favourite I gotta really write about her way of arraying he self in her movies or for the promotions!

These days Ms. Chopra seems pretty tantalised regarding her new release Gunday(Movie)!
Lately, I saw the movie which didn’t really appeal me!  That only thing I contemplated about the movie was what she wore! 😛 MISS EYE CANDY! ❤
She is shown to be a Bengali girl, hence she’s wearing a hell lot of sarees and sexy outfits through out movie!
Well, yes her stylist brought a new edge of styling in terms of wearing a saree! Priyanka hasn’t worn highly shimmering sarees at all (which is the best part,lol). She is wearing sober colored plain sarees with back flaunting bow knot blouses which are in contrast with saree color! 😉

Well, she has brought in trend of head gears! The hippie bands you can say! 😛 ❤ along with sensuous flowy outfits!
The Green outfit with a chunk of golden accessories was the cherry on the top!
She has worn around 4 different head gears which really caught my scrutiny! P.s – I’m gonna make some for myself soon. ;;) (Wait for the DIY! :* )

In a song where she plays the Cabaret Dancer, the outfits are marvellous! Hats off to the designer! The outfits don’t look too decked up like in the 70’s with huge stacks of feathers and shimmer. Even though a cabaret dancer is not a cabaret dancer without feathers. Here, there is tiny dollop of feathers and chic colored sequined outfits! Priyanka carried the outfit very well super dramatic makeup whereas overall she has minimal makeup in the movie.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the end of the movie she gets back with the trend of wide mouthed trousers and sheer shirts tucked in for the formal look with a neatly tied up ponytail!
Wrapping it up all that is left to say is the styling was commendable! 😉


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