Wardrobe Essentials For College For Girls! | UPDATE


I go to a community college, and the truth is, you can really notice when someone has style. When you run into these people, you can’t help but dissect what they’re wearing and wonder if it’d be worth it to invest in the same pieces as them. What does it take to have good, functional style for running around campus? Have you ever wondered what was needed in your closet to make it more stylish? Sometimes all you need are a few pick-me-ups to add that splash of variety that will make your style stand out! With the spring semester starting up, here are my top ten picks as to what helps to make a fashionable wardrobe for college.


If you have a good variety of colored tights mixed with some neutral ones, you are well set for creating unique and eye catching outfits! Besides my own examples, check out Jessica of Midwest Muse and her amazing, creative collection of tights.
Perfect Fitting Jeans

Even if you’re a strictly skirt/dress kind of gal, you need a good pair of jeans that fit you! It may take hours, day, or months to find them, but once you do, it’s like finding your fashion soulmate! Also, try branching out and experiment with different colored and print ones.
Awesome Footwear  


There’s nothing better to stomp around campus in than some rad boots. That’s right, I said rad, because what else could you call these? Comfortable and stylish? That’s what college style is all about!


Denim Jacket

This works like jeans – a staple that can go with everything! Toss it on over a fancy dress to tone it down for day or wear it as an alternative for your leather jacket for a more casual vibe.

 Stylish Sneakers


So like I said earlier, fashionable + comfy = perfect college style. Sneakers are a common staple in everyone’s wardrobe, for good reason! Besides the classic Converse, try finding a pair that’s unique in color or design, like my Inkkas!

Unique Accessories

These are truly the finishing touch to any outfit. If you have a good selection of accessories to choose from, you can really step your outfit up. From matching belts, bags, or interesting jewelry, you’ll be sure to draw notice for your impeccable matching skills!

Well, what do you think? Any other essentials you have in your wardrobe? Please share in the comments below! If I get enough replies, I’d like to continue making lists like this one.
Hope this helps!


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