The Body Shop 100% Natural Lip Roll On – BERRY


I love The Body Shop products, and as soon as I spotted their new ‘Lip Roll Ons’ in the stores I just had to have one! ❤ Each lip roll on is 350INR and contains 10ml of product. I actually got mine for 175INR due to a limited time offer (50% off), but after trying this I am going to be buying at least 3 or 4 more as I love it! Apparently The Body Shop will be upping the price to 275INR once the product is better established so I’d recommend getting one or two while it’s on introductory offer. O:)

Flavors available are: Rose, Berry, Orange, Coconut and Mint. I have the lip roll on in berry. It smells just like Capri Sun/a sweet, perfumed berryish smell, and it’s overall a very sweet, summery, feminine and pleasant smell.^_^ It is very sweet tasting, and does taste like berry and it doesn’t have a fake or unpleasant taste. The taste unfortunately lasts for around 5 minutes maximum which is a bit of a let down however the smell lingers for 20 minutes or so after application.


This is a really fun product to use. The packaging is basically a small tube which is quite thick so it is easy to grip and guide accurately. It has a plastic lid on to keep the product fresh, and when you take the lid off a metal roller ball dispenser is exposed at the tip. It is quite odd looking for a lip product but it’s a unique idea and it works wonders – it lets just the right amount of product out so it never lets any of the liquid go to waste and the rolling motion applies the liquid smoothly and evenly as well as massaging your lips. The ball does need a bit of force sometimes to get it moving again as it can get stuck and dry.

The liquid that is dispensed via the ball is a light oil (a majority of the product is made up of oil – Soya Oil ,Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil) it has the texture/feel of lightweight oil. It is extremely moisturising but not overly so and is also not sticky. It doesn’t feel greasy but it does feel a little oily if that makes sense but not to the point where it feels disgusting.

This product is made from a hundred percent natural ingredients so I doubt it will negatively effect anyone with delicate lips as there are no chemicals and the smell is not heavily perfumed. It is really light when on the lips and is really subtle. It leaves my lips feeling soft, smooth and fresh. It doesn’t dry my lips out at all like some lip balms can. The lip roll on gives a gorgeously bright, clear sheen to the lips and honestly looks completely natural. The product is not colored or tinted – it has no pigmentation at all once on my lips although in the bottle it looks like a berry liquid.


Despite the oil it contains, even after 10 or so layers of this it absorbs well and doesn’t look greasy. The smell and taste although temporarily are a nice bonus and the product itself is moisturizing. The design of the packaging (the roller ball) is also fun to use and i’d recommend this lip roll on. 😉


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