College Proclivity


I know I know. I haven’t written for a long time now because of  being all pre occupied with stuff which possessed more of importance, duh!  Anyway, this is going to be one off-the-cuff  scoop of my notion about damsels of today.

Greasepaint, flushed hair, tattoos, sham lashes & scintillating hued lipsticks are the newest wrinkles among lasses these days.

In Mumbai, college life is biased. People who are in stereotype colleges don’t  get the stroke of luck to get into the voguish mode ever.

You know why? It’s because of the squatty mindset they’re blessed with.

Myself being a part of a humdrum college for a year and half now have had the most catastrophic experiences for what I’ve worn to college.

Okay so this is related to how girls are in common colleges and how girls are in high end colleges.

If you go to see how the girls are in run off the mill colleges you get to see minimal makeup and minimal dressing sense at the same time, lol. Ask me!

The day you see a girl well dressed as in with the perfect amount of makeup and coordinated clothes (which is rare asf) you’ll probably have the tag of a hooker.  Trust me shiz gets real here.

Whereas, in high end colleges you get to see the latest fashions. Everyone is in a forever voguish mode.

But then I don’t wanna be all judgemental because you don’t need to put up pounds of makeup on your  face to look beautiful.

A friend from Mithibai College, Ville Parle ( who had a tremendous transformation after school) met me after quiet long with all colored hair, lots of mascara and kajal etc etc.

I asked her “ Why’d you do this to yourself? You looked super pretty without all this.”

Not that she looked bad but transformations shock everyone.

She answered “ Beta, Mithibai mein rehena hai! ;)” (Kid, I have to study here.)

This really made think why would she say that? Is it like the college shall kick out people who don’t manage to look good? Or is it that such colleges judge you on the basis of your looks or your knowledge?

Whereas,  here in my college there are tons of people who don’t even care about what they’re wearing or how they’re looking today!

Also why is it that certain colleges don’t permit wearing sleeveless tops and bottoms not above their ankles whereas other colleges permit their students to wear whatever they want to! Is it because of the difference in localities? The way people react to stuff in certain areas?

People are the same. Men will stare to the core here or there. Every where in the world.

I don’t understand. These thoughts really bother me.


Leave comments below if you have similar kinds of thoughts!


3 thoughts on “College Proclivity

  1. Wonderful post from a teenager’s perspective. Agree, to be governed by so much fashion policing, is irritating specially in today’s times. Is this the way to protect girls from anti-social elements by asking them to dress up conservatively. Indian girls carving great niches globally and Mumbai Sub-urban college putting such dress codes. We are in which era. When I studied in Hindu College – Univ of Delhi – 1985 – there was no such thing we freely wore whatever we wanted to and travelled 30 Kms everyday to Univ Campus. So have we come forward or gone backwards? India needs answers from Kiran Bedis of India….

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