The Big Brother Of All Skin Creams – Garnier BB Cream

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On a Saturday morning, just the day after I was done with my midterm I thought of chilling at home with a flagon of café noir and surf through TV channels. I ended watching citizen khan series and swiftly a BB cream commercial popped up on the screen.

Looking at Deepika Padukone in the Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream commercial wringing that Lilliputian tube with her slender fingers, made really splurge for that product. The commercial for a second gave me the contemplation moment that the BB cream is gonna make look like her. Hahah but castles in the air don’t stay for long, you know? xD

Finally Indiblogger managed to provide me with a sample of this amazing product. The packaging is authentically dainty.

It’s been two days I’ve been applying it. Being a college student I travel pretty much in the scorching sun.  I needed a cream which could take utmost care of my skin. This cream is an unfeigned saviour.

The B.B. Cream (Beauty Balm Cream) is an all -in-one rubric that offers advanced skincare  immediate skin perfecting indemnity. Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream for Combination to Oily Skin immediately obscures, minimizes pores and conceals peccadilloes to give skin a naturally smooth, matte, flawless finish. Blends easily with my skin tone.

The BB cream is now a big time buzz, everyone wants to possess one. It’s a new permutation for combination to oily skin types with a amalgamated formula that offers instant perfection and all-day shine sway in one single beauty product. This oil free product confers my an instant transformation.  The upshots are as promising. Since my skin is oily, it controls the shine, evens my skin tinge, keeps my skin hydrated and fends my skin from the sinister UV rays.

The best feature is that it’s non greasy and doesn’t make my face look lardy at college.  Also, after I bring into play the BB cream I  don’t really feel the need to put up makeup at all as it resonates out the natural glow of my face. It cuts of my time which I used waste on putting up greasepaint on face to make my skin look even. This product is all in one. Moreover it also acts as foundation so you can just dab a little bit of face powder over it and you’re ready to go!

This product gives me the élan of looking flawless every minute of the day. The Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream fits in perfectly in my daily routine as stepping out without the BB cream is a big


Now my skin seems to be even softer and evener, all thanks to Garnier ( It being enriched with mineral pigments beautifies my skin instantly. Works really well for teenage girls like me too. 😉 It doesn’t affect the delicate acne prone skin of mine. It really really takes care of my skin.




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