Sinful Nightout – Zee Cafe


Taking a time off from my schoolwork, I decided to bob up the #SinfulNightOut by Zee cafe at Bandra, Mumbai at the BEBE Store.

The dress code being sassy, me & my ally got into our LBDs & headed towards the event! On our way to the bebe store we kept on wondering what the whole event is gonna be about? The sinful night out was the most cliched topic on the social networks, the excitement kept on pounding.

As we finally made it to the store, all we could see were media people with flashing camera lights.

We managed to push ourselves through the crowd &  we saw the whole phenomenon was because of the presence of Daisy Shah (Jai Ho) & Ellie Avram (Bigg Boss 7 contestant).

Daisy Shah didn’t seem like she was everyone’s favorite.

Ellie Avram swept the limelight away. She’s awfully sweet & has great sense of humor. Moreover, she’s verry beautiful. 🙂

By the time both these ladies got busy with their interviews, me & jeannie (my mate ahah) looked forward to having a few glasses of wine & of course cheese. ;;)

So many wonderful females were giggling & having a ball of time there. I found a lot girls like me who were suckers for pictures. It was an affair all about endless photo sessions, drinks & good clothes. The store was enchantingly decorated & well set. There were few contest going on out one which got me a voucher worth 1K by the BEBE store!

Well here’s a sneak peek to how it all looked like! 😉

The Zee cafe team was lovely. All them girls were grateful & friendly. Loved Rhea Malhotra from the Zee Cafe team, she became more of a friend to chit – chat with that evening 😉

Towards, the end of the event we managed to click some prop inclined pictures! 😀

It was great to be there yayyy! ;D


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