Drama, tears, PIMPLES! Cheers to teenage years! – Indiblogger Runner Up Entry


Being a teeny-booper myself, I think melodrama, tears & of course pimples are a splinter of my youthful years. My life is full of melodrama, joy, tears maybe a toss of all the emotions in the world. I’m from the generation where I never planned to be in, but whatever forever! Our generation has come up to be very frivolous in terms of facades, of which you need to live up to. To be a part of an instil clique you have to look ravishing. Yes! That’s the truth. Being a seventeen year old, I know the twinge of having acne. Acne has been a humungous hitch among my aged group people all around the world. Having acne is a big deal but can be dealt with, not like we’re gonna die or something! But, yes the worst part about having acne is that zits pop up the exact night before your prom and you can’t do anything about it. This only leads to low self esteem.

I’ve seen so many girls having an acne problem of which they make a huge fuss about. Moreover, they  cover it up with five layers of makeup to make it even worse. Makeup makes it a lot more obvious that yay they have acne. I’m was a victim of acne too, my travelling habits make them worse. Pollution, yes pollution! I know I know the temptation of squishing away that tiny pimple is so much. You only see pimples on your face.

From my point of view acne doesn’t really affect me on the negative side because I know no one in the world can help it, especially being an adolescent you’re gonna have them anyway because there’s a whole lot happening in your body. My attitude towards acne is quiet positive. Basically, your hormones are getting active & puberty is hitting you hard! Why not let it go with the flow? Not that I love having acne but I actually live with them rather than covering them up with layers & layers of makeup! Acne does irritate me because I hate having round itchy zits on my face which acts more as a distraction to me. Just to keep them in control I believe in using a good face wash which keeps my face clean & germ free! I’ve been using the Garnier Skin Naturals PURE ACTIVE Neem face wash which is probably my fairy god mother to treat my skin problems. My grand mom always asked me to put a paste of neem leaves on my skin to avoid zits but I guess Garnier made it easy for me. The Garnier face wash is a package of natural remedies, it’s enriched with real neem leaf extracts and tea tree oil to pamper our skins in the most natural ways.

Garnier, Take Care! (http://bit.ly/GarnierPureActiveNeemWebsite) Their slogan is relatable as they actually manage to take care of my skin, keeping it fresh and healthy. I think the pure active neem wash is a boon in my life. Thankyou Garnier.

Get your Pure active neem face wash here : http://bit.ly/GPABlogLinkIndiBloggerActivity


4 thoughts on “Drama, tears, PIMPLES! Cheers to teenage years! – Indiblogger Runner Up Entry

  1. Hey there! I’m sixteen myself (Oh, and from India too, haha!) and I find this post so relatable ._.
    And this particular facewash worked so well for me as well. And I really really like your writing style!
    Keep it up.
    Love xo


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