India’s Daughter – Didn’t seem to make any sense to me.


It’s pretty obvious that everyone has eyeballed the BBC documentary – India’s daughter & it’s sick at heart.

To talk about the documentary in the last few days, it’s not about whether it was made or not made! It’s about what the culprit Mukesh Singh and the defense lawyers said.

It’s ridiculous how Mukesh Singh narrated the complete scene without any remorse on his face. People like him are not to be called rapists but psychopaths. Cannibals. Bloody conscious less people!

“She should have kept quiet & allowed the rape to happen” – Mukesh Singh


“Ek haath se taali nahi bajti” – Arre tumhaare cheheron pe dono haath se taaliyaan bajni chahiye!


Look what they had to say :


“There’s no place for women in our culture.” – Where the f*ck did you come from, Mr. Lawyer?

All this made my blood boil, I wanted to punch them right on their faces.

It’s absolutely correct for us to fight against the injustice that our sex (women) face in our country.

But at the same time the whole documentary didn’t make any sense to me.

I mean, fine you got the “actual” scene out to us. Glad you did & glad I watched it but don’t you think the documentary had no conclusion at all? Instead of telling what should be happening after all this, the documentary deteriorated the image of our country all around the world!

The documentary was aired in the U.K and many countries all around world, which probably proved them that “India isn’t a safe country.” What was the need of showing where the culprits stayed, or show what background they belonged to? No one cared! India is sort of a poor country but why do we need to pan that out to the world?

Moreover, instead of interviewing that culprit you’ve been petting inside the jail for 2 years, why can’t he be punished?

And the juvenile? WOAH! If you can get a 13 year old girl get married then why can’t a 17 year old boy be punished for sexually assaulting a girl? Huh?

What is the government trying to bear out? The place of torment for women in the world is India.








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