: Experience & Haul


I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet. – Carrie Bradshaw (SATC)


First of all, I’m so glad I got to collaborate with again!

Being one of those slothful and shopping possessed people, I can’t explain my glorification towards online shopping, since most of the shopping portals have their own smartphones app and a user -amiable interface! What could be better?

We love to dress up , and  how gratifying is it if someone comprehends to  your needs & puts forth offers  with diverse designs, patterns, styles, colors, texture and size options, it suits your varied needs.

So to clinch that you are never out of designer choices, brings forth a magnanimous collection of outfits for women online at the best possible prices. Whether you want an aristocratic look or prefer dauntless and wild girl guise, your wish is their command.

If  you want a chic look or something ethnic, you will always find the most fashionable magnum opus for every mood, season and occasion only at one of the best online shopping sites in India-

There are committed to make sure that you get dresses and accessories that are unmatched in terms of style, quality and reliability. They assure you with a trouble safe shopping experience.

They’ve also got some awesome summer sale offers too, go get your hands over petty formidable stuff!



So, managed to send in some pretty cool stuff! And I’m so enamored by the stuff they sent to me.

Have a look!


One of them are these pairs of shades which are so chic as well as so in the trend. These were sent in a nice sunglasses case which I wasn’t really expecting to be honest.

Get similar ones from here :

Get similar one from here :

The product quality is genuine & as promising as it sounded on the description. is truly impressive & I will look forward for more & more collaborations with them!



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