Why you should invest in Maybelline’s Baby Lips Candy WOW!


If you are a fan of Baby Lips then you would probably be aware of the brand new range “Candy Wow” by now, and might have already brought it already! If not, well, this is why you should!

First of all, let us all take a few seconds to pay homage to the packaging. It looks admirably cute.
Bright retractable pleasingly plump sticks with rounded tips.
The texture is LUSH, glides on well and provides ample hydration. It isn’t as hydrating as the original version or the Spiced up range, but it works fine overall. The balm is embellished with Vitamin E has a sleek finish. 
2016-06-29 03.44.20 1.jpg

2016-06-29 03.46.23 1.jpg


Staying power is 2-3 hours and even after wearing off, it doesn’t dry out the lips. Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow comes in 4 variants and the one that I am reviewing today is in the shade called Mixed Berry. It is a gorgeous berry-pink shade that isn’t too striking but it is a beautiful shade that can be worn with ease any time of the day.
It will probably not cover too pigmented lips well, but it is a tinted lip balm after-all. It works impeccably well for college and everyday wear. Also, these do not have any SPF(if you are particular about that).

2016-06-29 03.47.54 1.jpg

Pigmentation is good (In the pic below, I have swatched it 3 times for that color intensity)

Price : 275INR

Overall Ration : 9/10

Verdict : Buy it! Its cute, its effective, its pocket friendly and well it makes your lips soft and pretty!


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